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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the process?
The process is relatively simple, but could be lengthy;
1-We give you a quote, based on project wanted / desired ETC.
2-If you choose to proceed, you need to sign and return the quote and apply a 30% as a deposit.
Please note that no work will commence without a deposit.
From there we send away for locates, where people will come and mark your lawn with flags and or spray pant, indicating where we can and cannot dig, this process takes about 5 business days on its own. When we receive the go ahead from the locates team, we can then schedule you in, based on our current schedule it could be anywhere from 1-3.5 weeks until we get to you. Please note that All jobs are weather dependent, if unfavorable conditions happen, everything get pushed back said amount of days.

When Is my payment due?
After we complete your project, you have 3 Business days to complete the payment.

What If I have a problem after installation?
You would simply give us a call, and we will schedule you in for a warranty repair (if applicable*) and someone would go and fix the problem

How Can I Pay?
We accept, payments over the phone, by major credit cards, or in person.
We do also accept E-Transfer, and checks made payable to “Builder’s Depot”

To make your payment via Interac e-Transfer, please follow the steps shown below:
1. Login to your online banking website/ or App
2. Select the Interac E-Transfer option
3. Add a new payee with the following information:
a) Email: sales@buildersdepot.ca
b) Challenge Question: Builders depot location?
c) Challenge Answer: Bourget
4. Send your payment to this newly created payee with your invoice number and service location included in the comments area provided


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